DQS South Africa creates added value through tailor-made assessments.

With experienced auditors in more than 65 countries and across all business sectors, DQS South Africa is your one-stop-shop for business solutions. Our holistic approach integrates assessments, audits, certifications, inspections and evaluation in order to guide organizations toward sustainable success. Let’s make it happen!


Thank you for your trust

Thank you for your trust

So far, more than 49,000 clients have selected DQS as their partner for value-adding assessment services of their management systems. In turbulent times, that requires a good basis of trust – which is why we would like to thank you for investing your trust in us.

DQS South Africa Management Team

Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing

Path to Sustainability

The history of sustainability traces human-dominated ecological systems from the earliest civilizations to the present time. This history is characterized by the increased regional success of a particular society, followed by crises that were either resolved, producing sustainability, or not, leading to decline.

Living is Giving

…hoping for a world where all workers are free from exploitation and discrimination, and work in conditions of freedom, security and equity…

News from DQS South Africa

  • Corporate Governance Framework® Workshop

    Join Terrance M. Booysen in a 1-day practical workshop where delegates will be provided insights that assist them to actually build a Corporate Governance Framework® for their company. Cutting past the rhetoric and academic hype, the delegates will spend …

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  • ISO 55000

    On the 6th Feb. 2014 ISO55000 was launched and briefly highlighting some of what Rhys Davies – the ISO55000/1/2 coordinating chairman – said: That there is a strong connection between the four ISO standards – 9000, 14000, 18000 and 31000 the …

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  • Exchange of Experience 2014

    The DQS South Africa 2014 Exchange of Experience took place over the past few weekends with positive results. The sessions were very informative with interesting interactions and engaging questions.  Information was shared regarding the new standards …

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  • BRC Food Standard: Issue 7 coming up

    BRC Food Standard: Issue 7 coming up The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, the internationally recognized standard of the British Retail Consortium, is currently being revised. If the BRC adheres to its timeline, Issue 7 of the standard will be published …

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