Jobs & Opportunities

The goal of our assessments is to increase trust between organizations, companies, and customers. By awarding certificates to companies and organizations who comply with the relevant standards, DQS South Africa stimulates reliability and security in specific industries and services.

We share this goal with a wide range of industry-specific associations, and freelance auditors – many of which have been striving for increased quality and security for decades. DQS South Africa is currently looking for partners to take quality to the next level.


Are you an auditor with professional and business sector experience in at least 2 international standards with the ability and qualification to obtain further standards? Our business in South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa is continually expanding and we extend an invitation to apply to become an accredited DQS auditor with worldwide recognition. We invite suitable individuals with International Standard experience and Business Sector experience in auditing Quality; Environmental; OH&S; Automotive and Food management systems to add to our associate (contract) auditor network.

A prerequisite to become a DQS auditor is professional and managerial experience of at least 5 years in an applicable business sector and the ability to apply for at least 2 international standards.

NB We do not offer permanent employment for auditors

Interested? Please contact us with your inquiry / application and CV.