Food Safety Initiative
Partner with DQS SA for GFSI capacity building, compliance and a clear pathway to certification!
The Food Safety Initiative (FSI) was launched by the CGCSA to assist Suppliers and Manufacturers to qualify to supply big retail chains via one Supplier Audit. FSI is currently driving the GFSI Global Markets Capacity Building Program (GMCBP) which sees Suppliers; small/ medium/ large/ developed and/ or less developed progressing from Basic Assessment, Intermediate Assessment to Certification against GFSI recognised Food Safety Schemes.

What is GFSI

GFSI is an acronym for the Global Food Safety Initiative, founded in the year 2000 by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). The Consumer Goods Forum is an association that was founded by the CEO’s of Global Food Companies and associated industries in a bid to increase fledgling consumer confidence in Food Safety globally as a result of frequent recalls, quarantines and negative publicity due to food safety concerns.

GFSI Representation in South Africa

The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa hereafter the (CGCSA) is a signatory to the GFSI, and furthers the aims of GFSI nationally through the locally developed Food Safety Initiative (FSI).

Where we fit in!

DQS SA was represented by DQS Chile, as part of the GFSI Technical Working Group which promulgated the GFSI harmonized audit and the Global Markets Capacity Building Programme.

DQS SA is committed to ensuring that this process is as easy and painless as possible.